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Last Updated: 01/18/2023 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

Graduate Admissions

We accept applications from undergraduate majors in engineering. from an accredited college or university in an engineering or related discipline. The discipline does not have to be engineering, but it must have a strong engineering/mathematical curriculum. You will need to have some experience in:

  • Mathematics (calculus)
  • Computer Programming
  • General manufacturing Processes

Application to NC State is handled at the university level by The Graduate School. Please follow our procedures to be considered for admission into the IMSE program.

What is the process?

ISMSE Graduate Admission

When do I apply?

Admission Deadlines

IMSEI Graduate Admission Process

Got Questions? Please contact our Program Director Michael Kay | | 919.515.2008

Transferring to IMSE

If you are currently enrolled in another program at NC State University, it may be possible to transfer to IMSE. If you think you might want to transfer to our program, please contact the Director of IMSEI Michael Kay by email ( as soon as possible so that it can be determined if you are eligible to transfer. Transferring to IMSE requires the approval of the Director of Graduate Programs of your current home department and the Director of IMSE.

The IMSE master’s degree has limited capacity due to staffing resources to support student projects. Admission and transfer decisions may be based on several factors such as GPA, ensuring diverse perspectives in the degree program, availability of industry internships, existing program capacity, existing demand, etc. Admission or transfer may also be denied for past honor code violations, and/or by the existing degree program that has made resource decisions regarding admitted students. It is highly recommended that interested students wait for confirmation of acceptance of admission or transfer before taking actions with financial or other consequences.

Course Registration

It is preferable for you to seek admission to the MIMSE program as soon as possible to assure integration into the advising process. However, you do not have to be admitted to a degree program to enroll in an online credit course. Prior to applying to Graduate School, a you may enroll in Engineering Online courses as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student. The NDS classification is designed for individuals who wish to undertake academic work but who are not currently admitted to a degree program. If you are admitted to the MIMSE program, a maximum of twelve hours taken as a NDS student or from another institution may apply toward the 33 credit hour requirement. You register for online courses through Engineering Online. Those of you who wish to take only a few courses and not pursue a degree do not need to apply for formal program admission to NC State University. However, if you wish to earn the MIMSE degree, you must formally apply for admission to the Graduate School. When completing the online application, please be sure to select the “Distance Track” version of the degree.

To register for an Engineering Online course, complete the registration form on the Engineering Online website. You cannot register through the University MyPack Portal system for Engineering Online courses.

Online Course Offerings

A list of distance education courses available for each semester can be found on the Engineering Online website. If you are employed full-time, then you may only enroll in two online courses per semester. It is highly recommended that you enroll in only one course during your first semester.

For a list of distance education courses approved for the fall, spring or summer semester, visit the Engineering Online website.

Sample Course Path

Below are several sample course paths students can take to obtain the IMSE degree. Notice the flexibility students have when taking courses. The only course required for the IMSE degree is IMS 675. Your path might look different but know that the flexibility exists for you to take courses that you feel are appropriate for your career path. 


Student Name: WolfStudent Name: Wolf FangStudent Name: Shadow WolfStudent Name: Big Bad Wolf
Spring TermFall TermFall TermFall Term
TE 533 Lean Six SigmaISE 519 Database Applications in Industrial and Systems EngineeringISE 519 Database Applications in Industrial and Systems EngineeringISE 510 Applied Engineering Economy
TE 589 Special Topics in Industrial EngineeringISE 552 Design and Control of Production and Service SystemsISE 535 Python for ISEISE 555 Digital Manufacturing
TE 505 Textile Systems and ControlOR 504 Introduction to Mathematical ProgrammingST 516 Experimental Statistics for EngineersISE 589 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering-Product Development
Fall TermSpring TermSpring TermSpring Term
ISE 535 Python for ISEISE 537 Statistical Model For System Analytics in Industrial EngineeringTE 533 Lean Six SigmaECE 535 Design of Electromechanical Systems
ISE 589 Special Topics in Industrial EngineeringISE 553 Modeling and Analysis of Supply ChainsISE 716 Automated Systems EngineeringISE 589 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering-Advanced Material Processing
OR 504 Introduction to Mathematical ProgrammingMBA 515 Enterprise Risk ManagementISE 725 Smart ManufacturingISE 725 Foundations of Smart Manufacturing
Spring TermTE533 Lean Six SigmaSummer TermMAE 789 Additive Manufacturing
COP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeMBA 590 Special Topics in Business ManagementCOP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeFall Term
Summer TermSummer TermFall TermCOP 500 Co-Op Work Full Time
COP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeCOP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeCOP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeSpring Term
Fall TermFall TermSpring TermIMS 675 Manufacturing Systems Engineering Project
COP 501 Co-Op Part Time WorkCOP 500 Co-Op Work Full TimeIMS 675 Manufacturing Systems Engineering ProjectISE 541 Occupational Safety Engineering
IMS 675 Manufacturing Systems Engineering ProjectSpring TermISE 510 Applied Engineering EconomyISE 589 Special topics in Industrial Engineering – Industrial Modernization
ISE 519 Database Application in Industrial and Systems EngineeringBUS 554 Project ManagementISE 562 Simulation ModelingST 516 Experimental Statistics for Engineers
MBA 515 Enterprise Risk ManagementIMS 675 Manufacturing Systems Engineering ProjectISE 748 Quality Engineering
MBA 552 Data Engineering, Management and WarehousingISE 510 Applied Engineering Economy

How to Help Pay for Your MIMSE Degree

There are many other viable pathways for funding your NC State MIMSE education. We have compiled the following options you may wish to explore to assist you in your research.

Financial Aid

NC State offers you a broad range of financial assistance options that help with tuition and living expenses while you pursue your advanced degrees. For complete details, visit NC State Financial Support.


There are several different types of loans available to you, the student, including federal, Direct PLUS, private and short-term loans. For complete details, see NC State Loans.

Work On-Campus

While enrolled in the program, you can work in a variety of places, such as campus libraries and various departments within NC State University. For complete details, go to NC State Student Employment.

Payment Plan.

NC State University allows you to pay education expenses monthly instead of being due all at once. For complete details, see NC State Payment Plans.