Prospective Students

Student Eligibility

For a student to be admitted for Full Graduate Admission and thus be eligible for financial support, one must have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher from an accredited institution, preferably in engineering or computer science, satisfactory recommendations and good GRE scores. Applicants must have knowledge of computer programming adequate calculus and general knowledge of manufacturing processes.

The general plan of study of the IMSE degree consists of three components:

  • Common core courses (5)
  • Concentration electives (4)
  • Research Project

Academic Requirements

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 27 credit hours of course work in addition to participating in the internship or research project activities in either manufacturing systems, mechatronics, logistics, or biomanufacturing for 6 hours of credit. The typical program of study for a student supported on a half-time research assistantship (RA) extends over three semesters plus a summer and one semester internship. However, it is possible to complete the academic program in a shorter period.

Research Assistants(RA) / Interns will receive a monthly stipend. Tuition will be paid by the Institute as well as full health insurance coverage.

Benefits and Obligations

These benefits are contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing, expected progress toward degree and completing the internship assignment. The student is expected to work full-time on the program of study and to conform to employee standards of performance during traineeship assignments.

Academic credit will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of each traineeship assignment. Examples of internship opportunities include assignments with John Deere Turf Care, BSH Home Appliances, Bosch Corp., and Morganite. This mix of assignment opportunities provides a wide selection of opportunities to work in different technical areas. Every opportunity will be made to match the student’s interest with the traineeship opportunities.

Internship Assignments

The purpose of the internship assignment is to provide the student with the opportunity to gain practical experience in solving engineering problems of relevance to either the manufacturing, mechatronics, logistics, or biomanufacturing industry. This will be accomplished by having the student spend the summer and following semester after the first two semesters as an Intern or Co-op off campus. During the assignment, the student will work on a engineering-related problem, which has been judged by IMSE faculty to form the basis of an acceptable project.

How to Apply

  • NCSU Graduate School Application: You must apply on-line here.
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • GRE and TOEFL scores
  • Official transcripts of all college course work forwarded directly from the schools
  • Resume (email to Steve Jackson)