IMSEI Student Research Projects

All IMSE degree candidates are required to complete six credit hours of project research (IMS 675) as part of the program of study for the IMSE master’s degree. This research activity is carried out under the supervision of the student’s graduate committee chairman, a member of the Institute’s Associate Faculty. The project is aligned with the interest of the student and may be conducted as part of an IMSE Institute/Industry internship, an activity in support of faculty research, or in response to an industry need.

The results of the project are documented in a formal technical report prepared by the student. At the final oral examination for the degree, the student presents and defends the project activity and report before the graduate committee. Following acceptance of the report, it is submitted to the IMSE Institute where it is kept on permanent file and made available to Institute members and the general public.

IMSEI Industrial Affiliates

IMSEI supports a multi-disciplinary approach to manufacturing research, applications, outreach and education. It also plays an important role in developing and transferring technology to member companies for immediate impact in their operations. For that important role, our list of sponsors includes the leading companies in manufacturing and technology.