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Online MIMSE Program

Last Updated: 01/20/2023 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

Online classes allow you to complete your coursework for your career progression without taking time away from your job. Online classes are accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

One of the biggest benefits of getting an online education is the flexibility to set your own schedule. You plan out when you take class, as long as you meet those important deadlines. Enrolling in an online program encourages you to be self-disciplined and focused on your task at hand. That boost in responsibility can help you refine your self-discipline and motivation skills.

The MIMSE online courses are the same as our on-campus courses in terms of content, requirements and academic rigor. On-campus class lectures are captured, digitized and uploaded to the Internet for you to access at any time and from any location. You must, however, follow the on-campus class schedule in terms of submitting homework and taking exams. Course assignments, lecture notes and handouts are made available to you on the course website. IMSE PRO TIP: All in-class exams must be proctored.

Master of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MIMSE Online)

The MIMSE degree provides the academic background to understand and implement modern manufacturing technology. The academic program is multidisciplinary, consisting of courses from many participating departments. Our flexible program format permits you to design a plan of study to meet specific needs and interests.

The two most notable features of our program are that, first, you are required to do an industry-related project, and second, you have wide flexibility concerning the courses you take as part of your degree. This flexibility allows you to customize your degree. Most of our online students work full-time and typically take one or two courses online each semester, including summers. Since the program requires nine lecture courses, completing the degree typically takes two or three years. Our online students typically work full-time and do their projects on a topic related to their work activities.


The on-campus program’s curriculum includes 27 credits of courses and six credits of project work. The following are suggested curricula for several popular areas of concentration:

Prerequisite Information

The multi-disciplinary nature of the MIMSE degree program presents you with special problems with taking graduate-level courses in disciplines different from that of your undergraduate degree. Under most circumstances, the perquisites for the graduate courses listed in the Graduate Catalog are only meant to suggest the recommended background for a course so that you can determine if you have taken similar courses. You should contact the instructor if you have any questions about your background.