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A handshake between NC State IMSEI students on the job market and their new employers

Students on the Job Market

Our students are changing the world of manufacturing engineering. Our program prepares students for the job market with the skills necessary to manage and succeed in today’s complex technical environments. All the students listed here are currently looking for employment, so please contact them about any of your job opportunities.

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This degree program prepares our students for a complete list of tasks, including:

  • Collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data
  • Reporting detailed statistics and patterns
  • Drawing conclusions and insights
  • Making actionable recommendations
  • Conveying information to others effectively
  • Organizing activities required to achieve the desired goals
  • Performing preventive maintenance to limit failures before they occur or become major problems
  • Solving problems in an orderly and systematic way
  • Designing and managing data analytics projects
  • Manage complex technical products during all phases of the product life cycle
  • Build relationships with suppliers
  • Manage the flow of information
  • Understand how each department within an industry must work together to be successful
  • Use an analytical approach for complicated situations in the process and make decisions for success
  • Organize sourcing processes, negotiate contracts, evaluate options, analyze a process, service or production process, and design and deliver a network.